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Main setup

Setting world type on single player as default

You simply start the game once. It will generate a config called forge-common.toml. Change the only value in this config to skyblockbuilder:custom_skyblock, or use this example and create a file called forge-common.toml in the config directory with this content:

    defaultWorldType = "skyblockbuilder:custom_skyblock"

Setting world type on server as default

If you want to provide a custom file, set the level-type to skyblockbuilder:custom_skyblock. Otherwise, it's the same as in single player.

Creating a custom skyblock island

  1. Build an island.
  2. Use the custom item Structure Saver from the vanilla Tools tab in creative inventory. The output directory for this is <minecraft>/skyblock_exports/<name>.nbt. Alternatively, you can also use the vanilla Structure Block. Keep in mind that this can only save islands up to 48x48x48 blocks and the output is in <minecraft>/saves/<world>/generated/minecraft/structures/<name>.nbt.
  3. Copy the generated file from its directory (see previous step) to config/skyblockbuilder/templates/<name>.nbt.
  4. Set the possible spawns in config/skyblockbuilder/spawns.json. There can be multiple spawns, each one is an array with [x, y, z] relative to the 0, 0, 0 from the template structure. You can also modify existing spawns and export them with /skyblock spawns EXPORT. IMPORTANT: You need to be in a world with world-type Skyblock to use the commands.
  5. To view your current spawns, you need to use the /reload command to reload the config. After that, you need to use the /skyblock spawns true command to view all possible spawn points.
  6. Repeat step 4 and 5 until everything is correct.

Setting multiple templates

You can set multiple schematics by putting them into config/skyblockbuilder/templates/. These schematics can the user use by pressing the Customize button in world options screen or changing the schematic with command /skyblock manage islandShape <template>.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT name any of these schematic files template.nbt because it would be overwritten by the default schematic in config/skyblockbuilder/template.nbt.

Possible spawns

Possible spawns are set in config/skyblockbuilder/spawns.json. For each player, the game will choose a random position and places the player on that position. Good on big islands when adding a lot of players at once at one team. You can also export your current spawn points with command /skyblock spawns EXPORT. For this, you should first modify spawns. You will find your exported spawns in skyblock_exports/spawns.json. Copy it in the main config folder and override the existing one to apply your new spawns. If you spawn inside a block, you could add this block to the block tag 🔗 #skyblockbuilder:additional_valid_spawns.

Loot chests on island

If you want a loot chest on an island, you need to set the NBT data to the chest with the /data merge block <x y z> {LootTable: modid:path/to/loot_table} command to set it as loot chest.

WARNING! Do not open that chest after merging this data into the chest.

Last update: June 12, 2024