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This mod was made for SpookyJam 2021. It contains a ghost which could spawn at night. The chance for being summoned is configurable. This was my first mod which added a custom living entity.

Default chance is 0.1% each tick that a ghost spawns next to you.

The health increases by attacking other players and entities. It decreases when you get damage. The health can also be configured by a multiplier in the config.

Each player can only have one ghost each night.

If the ghost kills you, it will stay in the world and fly around a bit, without targeting other players. The ghost disappears after (default) 60 seconds.

It will steal you a random item when it kills you (configurable). This item will be dropped when the ghost disappears or dies.

The ghost drops 1 to 2 enchanted books with a random enchantment. For each book, there is a 5% chance that the enchantment level is the highest possible level for this enchantment. If you'd get this book, you also have a 50% chance that the level is max level + 1.

The ghost disappears at day (configurable).

If you want to disable the ghost in any dimension, there's a list in the config for that.

Last update: June 23, 2024