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Spawn Protection Radius

This sets the radius around the spawn which should be protected and only op players can interact with. This prevents (tool) interactions, mob griefing, explosions, breaking blocks, farmland trampling, growing crops, and attacking. Additionally, the player will always have max health, max food level, can't drown, and can't be set on fire. This is default set to 0, so nothing is protected. Look at the table here to see more options:

3 3 3 3 3
3 2 2 2 3
3 2 1 2 3
3 2 2 2 3
3 3 3 3 3

Spawn Protection Events

A list of event types which will be prevented.

Name Description
interact_entities Interacting with entities, e.g. riding a pig
interact_blocks Interacting with blocks, e.g. activating buttons, placing, or destroying blocks
mob_griefing Mobs destroying the world
explosions TNT, creeper, or other explosions
crop_grow Crops increasing their growth status
mobs_spawn Mobs spawning
mobs_spawn_egg Mobs being summoned using a spawn egg
damage Attacking others, or getting attacked
healing Getting healed and saturated on spawn


This sets the dimension where you will spawn and the island be generated.

This can be any dimension found in config/skyblockbuilder/data/dimensions.txt. This file will only be generated when joining a skyblock world.



You can set a range from minY to maxY. minY is the bottom spawn position. maxY is the top spawn dimension. If you set the spawn height type (see below) to set, the bottom value will be used for a set height. Otherwise, the height will be calculated.


set: This is a fixed spawn position. For users of the older versions of skyblock builder, this is the normal mode as before. It will use the bottom value of the range as fixed height. The top value will be ignored.

range_top: This will search for a valid position beginning at the top position, down to the bottom. If no valid spawn was found, it uses the top value as fixed height.

range_bottom: Same as range_top. The only difference is that it uses the bottom value as fixed height if there was no valid spawn found.

Valid spawns are defined as: Two block air on top of each other. Under that, it's a normal block/slab, or block inside the valid spawn block tag 🔗 #skyblockbuilder:additional_valid_spawns.


If the spawn height type is set to range, this offset will be used to slightly move the spawn height in any direction. Negative values go down, positive values go up.


The radius to find a valid spawn if no given spawn point is valid.

Minimum: 0

Last update: June 12, 2024