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The config values on this page can be found in config/skyblockbuilder/inventory.json5

Clear inventory

If this option is selected, the users inventory will be deleted when joining the world the first time. This is useful if you don't want that other mods give the player items like guide books.

Notice: This option will not affect the starting inventory.

Dropping inventory

If this option is selected, the users inventory will be dropped when leaving a team.

Starting inventory

You can set a starting inventory by customising config/skyblockbuilder/starter_inventory.json5. These items will be given to the player only on initial joining world, not when joining a team. You can also set the items to a special slot with key Slot.

You could also just export your inventory by using the command /skyblock inventory export. This will create a new file in the skyblock_exports folder with the current inventory and the correct slot.

If you have Curios installed, you can also add these items by adding the same array of items like in items, but the key needs to be called curios_items. These always need the Slot key. Available slots can be found by using the command /curios list. If you add too many items to one slot, or add an item to an invalid identifier, it'll log that and the player gets a message. Check that before releasing the pack!

Available values for the vanilla slots are:

  • mainhand (default)
  • offhand
  • head
  • chest
  • legs
  • feet

The config could look like this:

  "items": [
      "item": "minecraft:diamond_pickaxe",
      "nbt": "{Unbreakable:1b}"
      "item": "minecraft:bread",
      "count": 32,
      "Slot": "offhand"
  "curios_items": [
      "item": "botania:flight_tiara",
      "nbt": "{variant:7}",
      "Slot": "head"
      "item": "botania:monocle",
      "Slot": "charm"

If you want that every other item will be deleted, you can simply set the config option inventory.clear to true. This will delete items like guide books or other things. That way, you don't have to go through all configs to enable these items and could just add them to the starter items.

Last update: June 12, 2024