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Biome range

The radius for the biomes to repeat. An area with the size of (by default) 8192x8192 will contain all the biomes in the world. If a biome isn't in this area, it's not in the world. It repeats after an invisible "border".

This feature can be disabled and the biomes will not repeat.

WARNING: Too small biome range will prevent some structures to generate, if structures are enabled, because some need a special biome! You may fix this by decreasing the structure modifier.

Island distance

The distance between two islands. If you choose the_nether as start dimension, it will be divided by 8.


The offset from 0, 0 to generate the islands. Can be used to generate them in the middle of .mca files.

Sea height

The sea level in the world. This has nothing to do with the water height in the world. This does affect the spawn height of squids for example.

Structure modifier

The modifier for spacing and separation of structures. These values can be defined by a data pack. However, this is a multiplier to change these values. Look here 🔗 at biome_source.structures.structures for more information about that.

Minimal spacing will be set to 1 if the modifier changes it to be lower than that. Minimal separation will be set to 0 if the modifier changes it to be lower than that.

This config option needs a full restart once you already joined a world.


The block settings for generating the overworld surface. It's in the same format as flat world generation settings 🔗, but will ignore the biome. You can set it for the overworld only. If the surface is disabled, it will ignore the setting.

Single biome


Specifies the biome for a whole dimension. You can set the dimension you want. If you keep it as default, the start dimension will be used.

Allowed values:

  • default
  • overworld
  • the_nether
  • the_end

WARNING: Some structures need a special biome, e.g. Mansion needs Dark Oak Forest! These structures will not be generated if you have only one biome!

Last update: June 12, 2024