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The config values on this page can be found in config/skyblockbuilder/world.json5

Island distance

The distance between two islands. If you choose minecraft:the_nether as start dimension, it will be divided by 8.


The offset from 0, 0, 0 to generate the islands. Can be used to generate them in the middle of .mca files, or moving the island up/down. The value in the middle is you height, one and three is for x and z direction.

Sea height

The sea level in the world. This has nothing to do with the water height in the world. This does affect the spawn height of squids for example.


The block settings for generating the different dimensions surfaces. It's in the same format as flat world generation settings 🔗, but will ignore the biome. You can set it for each dimension. Instead of removing the dimension from the list, just set it to an empty string to generate it completely void. If the surface is disabled, it will ignore the setting.


It's a map which provides ResourceLists 🔗. It's set to allow all biomes per default. You can deny biomes by adding them to the list. Setting allow_list to true will only use the biomes in the list. Keep in mind that each dimension needs at least one valid biome!

A list with all possible structures can be found in config/skyblockbuilder/data/biomes.txt.

Prevent scheduled ticks

This is used to prevent gravel or sand from falling when generating the island. To define which blocks will be prevented, use the block tag skyblockbuilder:prevent_scheduled_tick. This is filled with fallable blocks by default. This includes all sand, gravel, and concrete powder types, as well as any anvil, pointed dripstone, and the dragon egg.

Leave to Overworld

This can be enabled if the overworld is still normal, and maybe there's no spawn. This will force the player to be teleported to the overworld world spawn instead of the default spawn.

Last update: July 11, 2024