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Starting template Download

To create a hellblock like modpack, you can simply set the spawn dimension to minecraft:the_nether as you can see in the config below.


  "Spawn": {
    "dimension": "minecraft:the_nether"

This world will have a default overworld and a default end. The nether is "sky". The image shows lava layers below the island but that's implemented in 1.17.1 and the image was made with this newer version. That means: no custom surface. I also added some structures for the nether. Because overworld is default, we don't have to care about the overworld structures and can just ignore them. They will be generated as normal.

Thanks to benbenlaw 🔗 for giving me permission to use the template from his well known modpack Infernopolis 🔗 for this example. I tweaked a bit more on the template to avoid using mod blocks.

Last update: June 23, 2024