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Create own team

This allows players to create their own team.

Self managing

Allows the player to use several commands. This includes these commands:


Modify spawns

This allows players to modify spawns. Needs self-managing to be enabled.


The distance from the island center where the users should be able to add spawns.



Allows the player to visit other islands.


Allows the player to teleport back home. Has a cooldown for each player.


Allows the player to teleport to the spawn island. Has a cooldown for each player.

Cross Dimension Teleportation

Allows the player to teleport (see above) from another dimension, for example the main world is overworld, players will be able to also teleport from the nether to the spawn, their island, or even visit others. Setting this to false forces them to be in the overworld (if that's the main dimension).

Dimension teleportation permission

A list of dimensions where you can't use teleportation commands. If you set allow_list to true, these commands are allowed in these dimensions only.

This is a resource list. Read more about it here 🔗.

Last update: June 12, 2024